Gardens come in all different shapes and sizes, but all have the potential to be beautiful and productive. During the recent lockdowns those of us with gardens have probably spent a lot more time in them than ever before. This might mean you’ve been growing plants for the first time and thinking about how to improve your gardening skills. Or you may have been wishing your garden looked nicer, that you knew more about how to care for the plants you already have and choose new ones that would grow well in the space you have.

The great thing about gardening coaching is that it is completely specific to you and your garden. I’ll come to your garden and so the advice and help I give you will be for your plants, growing in the conditions in your garden. 

What you need to begin is some ‘know how’ and then it’s all about practice and learning as you go along. Having a garden coach will give you the confidence to start and a sounding board that isn’t just a general gardening book or website. I’ll be by your side sharing top tips and gardening know how. Before you know it you’ll be taking cuttings, pruning roses and growing new plants from seed. 

My standard coaching package starts with a two hour introductory session. I’ll visit you at home, so I can see your garden and find out what sort of help you need. We will make a start on planning some general changes or working out what you’ll need to start any new projects from scratch. I’ll follow up this session by sending you a written summary of what we discussed. That might be all you need to get going – but if it isn’t you can book further sessions as and when you need them.