Would you like to learn how to look after your garden? Find out about all the plants you already have in it: What are they? How do you care for them? Are they in the right places?

How about having someone on hand to answer your gardening queries: Why isn’t this flowering? Can I move this plant somewhere else? Is this the right time to prune this shrub? 

That’s where a garden coach comes in. I’ll teach you ‘how to garden’ – a bit like a personal trainer might teach you how to get fit or train for an event. I can help you plan your garden or allotment, teach you how to look after the plants you already have and how to choose and grow new ones that suit your soil and the location. 

Here’s how it works: 
For your first session I’ll spend two hours with you – finding out about your garden and what you want to learn. I’ll make some recommendations of things you can do to get started. After this session I’ll send you a set of notes summarising the ideas we discussed. This session costs £85.

After that you can book more sessions whenever you need them or we can decide on a regular slot. I charge a flat hourly rate of £35 for a one-to-one session. 

Please see the prices and packages page for details of gift packages, a list of some of the standard lessons I offer, and information about bespoke group sessions.